Our data annotation services harness precise labeling to refine AI models, ensuring unmatched accuracy and performance in every application.

Customized Text Corpus Annotation

We specialize in creating customer-tailored text corpuses that demand a deep understanding of specific domains, integrating human expertise for exceptionally complex challenges. Our approach combines advanced AI with human insight to ensure nuanced, accurate annotations. This meticulous process guarantees your AI models grasp the intricacies of your unique field, enhancing their performance and reliability.

Advanced Video Annotation

Our video annotation services are designed to handle the complexities of 4K content, employing pixel-level masks for precise identification and categorization. We incorporate multiple labels and enrich annotations with additional VFX details to meet the demands of sophisticated video analysis projects. This comprehensive approach ensures your models are trained on high-quality, detailed data, enabling them to perform with remarkable accuracy in real-world applications.

E-commerce Product Data Structuring

Leveraging complex CV/ML and AI algorithms, our e-commerce product scraping service transforms unstructured product data into organized, accessible formats. This process not only simplifies the integration of vast product ranges into your systems but also enhances searchability and user experience. By structuring product data, we empower your platforms to deliver tailored, efficient shopping experiences, driving engagement and sales.